Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Six


Chapter Thirty-Six

Tuesday: November 14, 2028

The not guilty verdicts on all counts were nearly… baffling for Dominic. Cecilia Delacroix had pulled off a fear he hadn’t thought possible.

That was why he didn’t fight her when she hugged him. Instead, he hugged her back. “Thank you,” he said simply.

“Been a damn pleasure, Mister Wilkinson,” Cecilia said as she pulled away from him.

Dominic grunted as he was pulled into another hug. He closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around Ashton Lawrence. “Hey, kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” Ashton muttered. “See, Dom? I knew you weren’t a bad guy.”

If only you knew, Dominic thought dryly. “If we can avoid the news dickweeds… pizza?” he asked.

Ashton grinned as he pulled away from the man. “Pizza,” he confirmed.

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