Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Four


Chapter Thirty-Four

Friday: November 3, 2028

“Oh, thank God you’re here,” David whispered. “I was worried I’d have to be in there by myself.”

Bo snorted. “Never.” He clapped David on the shoulder. “It’s not as bad as one might imagine. The curtain keeps you from seeing anything too bad,” he promised.

“Still, you’ll be there?”

“The whole time.”

“Thanks,” David breathed. Bo only nodded. David drew in a long breath and walked into the operating room. Bo followed. David lowered himself into the chair near the head of Cecilia’s bed, clasping her hand in both of her own. “Hey, baby,” he whispered.

Cecilia smiled softly. “Hi, hon,” she whispered back. “Hi, Bo.”

“Celia,” Bo greeted. He stood behind David, a hand on the police chief’s shoulder. “How’re you feeling?”

“Mm… pretty damn great right now,” Cecilia said. “Hot shot’s not looking so great.”

David offered a nervous chuckle, glancing back at the sheet that kept Cecilia’s exposed abdomen from his view. “Baby, I love you, but I can’t help but be nervous and totally terrified.”

“That’s just the beginning joy of being a father,” Bo said. “Breathe, okay?”

“Sure, man. Breathing,” David muttered. “Breathing’s easy. I can do that.”

“You’ll pass out if you don’t,” Cecilia said.

“Thanks, babe.”

Although it seemed like an eternity for Cecilia and David, it wasn’t long before Adalynn Lena Quinn was cleaned, swaddled in a pink blanket, and laid in David’s arms.

“Oh, God,” David whispered. “Cici, she… she’s so damn perfect.”

Cecilia smiled, brushing a curled finger over the baby’s cheek. “We did good, huh?”

So good,” the man breathed.

Bo leaned down and pressed a kiss to Cecilia’s forehead. “You did great, Celia. She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Bo squeezed her hand and patted David’s shoulder. “I’ll be in the waiting room, but I’ll meet you guys in recovery, okay?”

“Okay.” David laid a hand over Bo’s. “Thanks for being her, lab geek.”

“You betcha.”

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