Blackout – Chapter Ten


Chapter Ten

Sunday: August 27, 2028

Jensen groaned, fingers wrapping around Bo’s shirt. “Are we already going?” he asked.

Bo chuckled softly, smoothing a hand over Jensen’s hair. “No, I was just shifting. Sorry,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of Jensen’s hair. “Go back to sleep. I’ll stay here.”

“Mm… you’re so damn good to me,” the younger man mumbled.

“I do what I can,” Bo said. He cleared his throat, lifting his gaze back to the ceiling. “We won’t head out until at least nine. I’ll let you sleep for another hour or so. Okay?”

“Okie dokie,” Jensen whispered. He snuggled up against Bo, falling back into a sleep-filled state as if his sleep had never been disturbed in the first place. Bo closed his eyes with a soft sigh. Although the blonde knew it would be impossible for him to fall back asleep, but he didn’t mind.

Jensen was already being far too kind by entertaining Bo’s insane need to go back to the crime scene to look for details and evidence that they both knew wouldn’t be there. He wouldn’t ask the younger man to skip out on several hours of sleep just to further entertain the constant drone of what if’s in Bo’s mind.

What if we missed something? What if we didn’t look hard enough? What if the killer came back? What if he was there the whole time? What if we weren’t careful enough the first time we combed through the scene? What if we weren’t attentive enough?

What if I fucked up?

Bo opened his eyes, glaring up at the ceiling. He hated being that way, like everything he did for a scene was just never good enough. He hated the constant need to go back and look at everything again and again and again, even when he knew that nothing further would come of it. He knew, of course, that he would miss that need if it was gone. The need is what drove him to continue working, to strive for perfection in his files and paperwork and reports. He needed that in his life, even when it was beyond annoying.

He tilted his head back against his pillow, closing his eyes again. He combed his fingers through Jensen’s hair. Sleep or not, this was at least relaxing for the blonde.

He couldn’t ask for much more than that.


Bo reached back and closed the door after Jensen had walked into the house. The blonde pulled at the glove on his right wrist, clearing his throat. He’d sacrificed the wrist brace on his left arm to better utilize a glove, and although any strain on his wrist sent a dull ache through his forearm, he knew it was for the best.

“So, what’s the plan, babe?” Jensen asked, hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans.

Bo’s eyes raked over his husband’s figure. It was odd to see Jensen standing in a crime scene in jeans and a t-shirt. Jensen always wore a suit to work, and seeing him in jeans felt just as weird as the few times Bo had seen Jacob roll up to a crime scene, tired as hell and wearing a pair of dark jeans and a t-shirt.

“I’m not sure yet,” Bo said finally. “I don’t know… if I want to just take more pictures or if I want to remain satisfied with the pictures I already have and move onto searching for minute details or evidence that Gwen and I missed. I…” He trailed off, lifting his shoulders. “I just don’t know yet.”

Jensen nodded. “That’s okay. Take your time, figure out what you wanna do. We’ve got all day,” he said.

“You’re incredible. Thank you.”

Jensen flashed his usual charming smile. “My pleasure, Eli.”


Bo snapped another picture of the dried blood on the carpeted floor. Although the carpet itself was still mushy, the blood had dried on the carpet’s surface, leaving the tips crusted with red, flaking blood.

He zoomed in just a little further, snapped another picture. He opened his photos playback and held the camera out to Jensen. “Does this look like something other than blood to you? Or am I just slowly going crazy from staring at pictures for hours on end?” Bo asked.

Jensen grabbed the camera as he squatted down beside his husband. He touched a finger to the screen. “This little speck?”


“I dunno, babe. Could be a bit of both at this point.”

“A little bit of both,” Bo echoed. He rolled his eyes. “You’re a real big help.”

“Well, you know. That’s what I strive for.”

“Clearly.” Bo grabbed his camera, draping the strap around his neck. “Can you get me my tweezers and one of the small evidence bags from my camera bag?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Can I?”

“Could you not be a dick?”

“Can’t help it, Eli. You are what you eat,” Jensen said, pushing himself to his feet.

Bo reached out and smacked the younger man’s thigh. “Knock it off,” he said through a laugh. He waved a hand. “Just go.”

Jensen chuckled as he walked out of the room. He came back nearly a minute later, a pair of tweezers and an evidence bag in his gloved hand. He squatted down beside Bo, handing both items over to the blonde. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Bo picked up the small white fleck from deep within the carpet, sliding it into the bag. He leaned back on his heels, holding the bag up to the light. “Holy shit.”


“We might’ve just found ourselves some DNA,” Bo whispered.

“How? What kind of DNA could that possibly be?” Jensen asked.

Bo turned toward the younger man, offering the faintest of smiles. “I think it’s dandruff. If we’re lucky, it’s our killer’s.”


Jensen leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest as Bo finalized the collection of the possible flake of dandruff. “What’s the plan now? You wanna hang around here for a while?”

“No, I have all week to do that,” Bo said, closing the lid of the evidence box. “I think this has fixed the largest issue I had with that scene. I knew there had to be something.”

“It’s a good thing we went back again,” Jensen said quietly. He pressed a kiss to Bo’s head before stepping away from the doorway. “We’ll go home, get the kids… watch a couple movies, maybe?”

“I could work with that,” Bo agreed as he carried the box out of the room. Jensen reached inside and flipped off the light and closed the door. Bo walked into the evidence vault, setting the box on the table. “We could have a little bonfire tonight with everyone. Celia and David are planning on flying out to L.A. in the morning. It’d be nice to have one last night with everyone before those two head out.”

Jensen nodded. “Sure, that could be fun,” he agreed. Bo stepped out of the room, flipping off the light. He rubbed at his wrist as Jensen closed the door. “You okay?”

“Just a bit sore. A lot of heavy camera holding,” Bo said. He chuckled. “It’s a bit taxing.”

“I bet.” Jensen grabbed Bo’s hand, pressing a gentle kiss to the tattoo on his wrist. “Come on. Let’s go home so you can ice that wrist. Then you should put the brace back on.”

Bo nodded. “Sounds like a plan to me, Jens,” he said softly.


Cecilia sat beside Bo on the bench swing, a hand on her stomach. “Thank you for this.”

“For inviting you guys over?” Bo asked. “It’s always a pleasure.”

She laughed softly. “I mean, thank you for that, too, but I meant the key,” she said, holding up the keys to the house in Los Angeles. “I know you won’t admit it, but I know you don’t want me working the Wilkinson case. I… deeply appreciate you being helpful despite that.”

“That’s what family does, Celia. Sometimes, you have to push away your own personal feelings for someone else’s benefit,” Bo said. “That’s part of the logical thinking,” he added.

“The point stands. Thank you.”

He nodded. “No problem, Celia.” He cleared his throat. “How is she?”

Cecilia smiled. “Healthy and growing. She’s had a strong heartbeat every single time we’ve gone in for an ultrasound.” Her cornflower blue eyes shifted to David, who was playing catch with Amber, Elijah, and Charlotte. She shook her head. “He’s so damn excited,” she whispered.

“I know. He gets just a little happier every single time I see him,” Bo said. “How’re you feeling?”

She let out a long breath. “Nervous. I mean… I almost lost your boys in the middle of a case. I put the case before them and I was stressed and…”

“Castor being born early wasn’t your fault,” Bo said. “Besides, look at him. He’s happy and healthy and beyond perfect. They both are. You did nothing wrong.”

“He has poor eyesight because of me.”

“You wear glasses, Celia. Genetically speaking, he could’ve ended up needing them anyway,” Bo said. He shrugged. “Besides, the need for glasses is nothing compared to any number of things that could have been wrong with any of my kids. Taking him in for an eye appointment every year or two is nothing.”

She sighed. “I guess.”

“The point is that it isn’t your fault. Just make sure you continue to eat healthily and get enough sleep. Let David take care of you instead of acting like you definitely know what’s best. You’re going to want to put work first since your partners have basically been starving you of cases, but because of that, your opinion is going to be a little warped. Listen to David when he suggests you eat or sleep. If you do that, you’ll be just fine.”

Cecilia smiled faintly. “Thanks, Bo. Really.”

Bo nodded. “No problem, Celia,” he said softly. He cleared his throat. “Do you know what you’re naming her yet?”

“Adalynn Lena Quinn,” she said.

“That’s beautiful,” Bo said. “Are you excited? Not counting the fear and the worrying. Just in general. Are you excited?”

“Yes,” Cecilia breathed. “Having a kid with him? I mean… God, look at how happy he is just playing ball with three kids that have no relation to him. How could I not be excited about raising a kid with that man?” She smiled, shaking her head. “He’s gonna be a great dad in a few more months.”

“November, right?” Bo asked.

She nodded. “That’s the hope. Beginning of November.”

“Are you planning on being in Clinstone for that?”

“Hopefully.” She turned her head to look at him. “You’ll be in L.A. with us if I get stuck there for her birth?” she asked.

“Of course. Just keep me updated on you and the baby. I’ll be there if I need to be, and I’ll make sure you all get back to Clinstone if you want that instead. I can work around either,” Bo said.

“You’re a lifesaver.”

Bo chuckled. “I do my best.” His eyes scanned the yard before he found Jensen and Jacob on the swings, Pollux on Jensen’s lap, Castor on Jacob’s. “I don’t know when yet, but Jensen and I do still plan on having another girl. Adopted or otherwise, we haven’t really discussed, but…” He lifted his shoulders. “Family is the only reason I’m still here. It’s what keeps me going now. That’s kind of what pushes me toward adoption or fostering. I want to make sure a kid feels that familial love and trust, too.”

“That’s good,” Cecilia said softly. “I mean, God, look at Kayla and Amber. They love you guys. God only knows what would’ve happened to those poor girls if you guys hadn’t taken them in.” She smiled. “They lucked out with you two.”

“We feel the same way about them,” Bo said. He cleared his throat. “That love and trust? It sounds like total bullshit until you have a kid of your own. I don’t think there’s any stronger bond than a parent and their child. I mean… besides scientific and certain chemical bonds, of course.”

Cecilia groaned, shoving at his shoulder. Bo only laughed. “Shut up, nerd.”

Bo smiled, rolling his eyes. “Really, though. It won’t be long before you’re holding your own kid in your arms. That… is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You’ll never forget it.”

“Oh, I know. I don’t think I could forget it.” She nodded toward David. “Not when that dork’s gonna be at my side the whole damn time.” She looked back at Bo. “I can’t thank you enough for setting me up with him, Bo.”

“My pleasure, Celia. You two both deserved some kind of happiness. I’m just glad I could help you both achieve it.”


Bo climbed into bed, folding the covers back over his legs. It felt odd to be climbing into bed nearly an hour sooner than usual, but scouring every centimeter of the crime scene once more and spending the rest of the day chasing two toddlers around had worn him out, which he was truthfully quite thankful for. A good night’s sleep was definitely something the blonde was in desperate need of.

He slid under the covers and reached out to turn off the light. Jensen snuggled up against him, reaching down to pull the covers over them both. “I love you,” Bo murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of Jensen’s head.

The younger man smiled softly. “I love you, too, Eli.”

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